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Lifetime Guarantee — Forever Warranty
“With every Venetti ring you receive the peace of mind of an unmatched lifetime warranty. Your fine jewelry has been handcrafted using only the finest of materials. Created by the most skilled craftsmen and artisans in the industry, the mounting is made from pure gold grains and flawless craftsmanship resulting in an outstanding finish and luster Breathtaking natural diamonds, brilliant cut, extremely clean and perfectly set and inspected by our in-house Gemologists, graded as G to H color and VS to SI clarity. Venetti backs all its products with superior customer service as well as our warranty to you. Should this piece of jewelry ever lose a melle diamond as the result of workmanship, materials and/or performance, Venetti will repair and/or replace the stone absolutely free to you – forever! Please note, our warranty covers all accent diamonds on your ring but does not cover your center-stone or your ring itself from loss.”

For jewelry as unique as the love it represents, to pass down from generation to generation, choose Jacob & Bryan to make every moment Timeless…”
“Our beautiful selection of modern and vintage inspired jewelry is designed and manufactured in Manhattan and available in 14K gold, 18K gold or the purest platinum available in today’s diamond market. Hand-selected from only the finest diamond houses in New York, our jewels are chosen for their extraordinary light performance and superior beauty. Hailed by the media for our custom designs, we thrive on meeting our customer’s every need.”





“The “Classics from the Past” are in your future…”

“Once upon a time, jewelry was highly decorated by filigree, hand engraving and other flourishes that have long-since disappeared. So much of today’s jewelry is plain, simple, and not as interesting as could be made by a skilled craftsman working on one item for a long period of time. These days, we seem to need everything in a hurry, and sometimes it shows.
At Gordon Clark, our highly skilled craftsmen focus their talents, with perfection rather than a deadline as their goal. The end product speaks for itself in our collection of uniquely graceful engagement rings and other jewelry worthy of your enduring affection.
While it is impossible to re-master every technique used throughout history (after all, mankind has been adorning themselves for eons), we have collected an incredibly broad array of wonderful items, making them once again relevant to today’s fashions. Whether you prefer Victorian, Art Deco, or another familiar period style, we have striking examples of many periods for you to choose from. Utilizing Platinum and Gold along with wide range of precious gemstones including sapphire, emerald, ruby, opal, amethyst, topaz and more.”



Since 1979, Viken Torossian has been designing and creating exquisite jewelry with a master’s flair that is rivaled by none.  Each piece is skillfully handmade in the USA, guarantying an excellence in craftsmanship within every detail.



“Sorrelli is a family-owned jewelry design company founded in 1983 and based in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Sorrelli jewelry is handcrafted from genuine semi-precious stones and high-quality Austrian crystals.
Sorrelli’s pieces are designed to be heirlooms, handed down through the generations. Each piece of Sorrelli jewelry is protected against normal wear and tear by our exclusive lifetime guarantee, so these heirlooms can be enjoyed for decades.”



“Through the years, its unique gift-giving legacy continues to grow, just like the beauty of each Add-A-Pearl necklace continues to grow.
Since 1915, we have taken great care to ensure that each and every pearl on an Add-A-Pearl necklace has been meticulously selected to match in color, size, and luster. The pearls are then hand-strung on pure silk to maintain a strong necklace that will dazzle year after year. The Add-A-Pearl name adorning the clasp is your assurance that we stand behind the authenticity and fine quality of your necklace.”


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